The Transition Support Center is a unique service provided to students who need extra support in the area of transition. This means different things for different students. Some students are working on the skills to transition back to their public schools, while others are looking to develop and refine the skills they need to seek, obtain and maintain employment. Still others are working on applying for and preparing for postsecondary education.  Though associated closely with Strafford Learning Center's Charles Ott Academy program, the Transition Support Center is available for both special education and non-special education students.

The Transition Support Center holds two primary courses each semester, in which students can earn 1.5 credits. Every semester there is a Transition course, which meets students where they are in their academic careers, and works on the areas of Academic Readiness, Work Readiness, Independent Living, Wellness and Self-Determination. Additionally, we do a different 1-credit course each semester which allows students to take a deeper dive into specific transition skills and earn a full elective credit. Some of the 1-credit courses we have offered in recent years include Entrepreneurship, Living Well (which counts for student's state mandated Physical Education credit), Career Exploration and Community Connections.

While the minimum a student can work towards is the 1.5 credits per semester, students can also take on Extended Learning Opportunities, VLACS courses, or other independent study options to pursue content of their choice, for credit recovery, or for any other reason that may arise.

With a student-first focus and the flexibility to assess, support and educate students on their needs for transition, the Transition Support Center is a great service for any student who needs a little boost toward their next steps in life.